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About us 

  • The Association
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The association: The association "RAHMA - Muslim Centre for Girls, Women and Family e.V." was founded in May 2014 in Frankfurt am Main and is a non-profit organisation. The association was founded at the initiative of young Muslim from different academic and professional fields with a variety of different languages skills who came together and developed the basic idea. We see both the foundation of the association as well as the work we carry out as an obligation to the society we live in as well as our Islamic duty. The term “rahma” which was chosen as the association’s name is Arabic for “mercy”. RAHMA e.V. is an information and advice centre for girls and women with a Muslim background who find themselves in complex situations of emergency, conflict or crisis.

„The dignity of man is inviolable“

Art. 1 Abs. 1 GG

„And we equipped the children of Adam with dignity [honour] "

Koran Sure 17, Vers 70

Acknowledging the untouchable dignity of every human, the association opposes any form of individual, institutional and societal oppression and / or discrimination of (Muslim) women and girls. Our objective is therefore to help ensure that, in the long term, affected Muslim girls and women can lead an independent and self-determined life. We pursue the immediate goal to support girls and women with a Muslim background in situations of emergency, conflict and crisis and provide them with the information, advice and support they need.
We are an information and advice centre for girls and women with a Muslim background and offer them a wide range of information, advice and support services in emergency, crisis and conflict situations. We see the cultural, ethnic and religious self-definition of the girls and women we work with as the starting point of our work. At the same time we aim to promote their individuality and encourage them to develop their personality and, even in situations of emergency, crisis and conflict, to develop their personal future perspectives.

We provide support in the form of

  • information, advice and other assistance in conflict and crisis situations, especially pertaining to physical, sexual, psychological and structural violence.

  • support in the fight against discrimination experienced due to prejudices and attributions linked to the individual’s affiliation with the religion of Islam, their race, ethnic origin, sex, marital status, age, disability or other factors.

  • assistance in the development of resources and skills, in particular by tackling deprivation in the individual’s family and group situations as well as in the majority society.

  • promotion and protection of self-determined marriage and family lifes

  • Awareness-rising and sensitising prevention and PR work, both within the majority society as well as the Muslim community in Germany to achieve the above-mentioned purposes of the association.

The association is managed exclusively by Muslim women with an academic background. All members of the board of directors work on a voluntary basis.

The current board of directors, which is in charge of the association’s work, includes an education professional as head of board of directors and also an education professional as deputy head, another educational professional and Islamic religion scholar acting as treasurer and a law student as additional board member completing the acting board of directors. The board of directors is assisted in its work by a number of other volunteer members.

According to the constitution of RAHMA e.V., the advisory board is another body of the association. The advisory board supports and advises the board of directors on fundamental questions and in general in technical and strategic terms. Unlike the board of directors, the advisory board does not exclude male members per se; however, at least half of the advisory board must be comprised of women. Currently, two psychologists and a lawyer are represented on the advisory board.