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Our main target group

As stated in our constitution, our aim is to offer information and advice to girls, women and families, especially those with a Muslim background. In case of need, we will, of course, offer information and advice to all women, regardless of their religious or cultural background.

Advice and support

We offer free-of-charge telephone and face-to-face meetings, in which you can share your concerns, discuss your individual situation with one of our qualified staff members and together identify possible solutions. The content of any discussion will, of course, be kept confidential. Led and supervised by a psychotherapist and a lawyer, our team is strictly bound to professional discretion.
More information about availability by phone and our contact details can be found under Contact.

Focus of our work

We are available to Muslim girls and women in any situation of emergency, conflict and crisis, such as:
• domestic violence
• separation and divorce conflicts
• access and custody disputes
• family conflicts
➢ between spouses
➢ between girls and their parents
• conflicts with the authorities (such as the youth welfare office)
• problems faced by single mothers
• family and child support situations
• conflicts during spouse selection
• discrimination and bullying (e.g. because of the headscarf)
➢ in school
➢ during an apprenticeship and on the job.

Our professional competence

The RAHMA e.V. team includes psychologists, social workers, lawyers and professionals with a background in Islamic studies. In order to support you competently, we offer comprehensive information and advice services in the areas of:
• Social work
• Psychology
• Law
• Islamic Theology


The team members of RAHMA e.V. speak a variety of different languages. Currently, we are able to offer information and advice in the following languages:
• German
• Arabic
• Turkish
• Afghan (Dari / Persian)
• Bosnian
• Tamazight (Berber / Northern Morocco)
• Kurdish
• French
• English
• Indonesian