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RAHMA e.V. an information and advice centre for girls and women with a Muslim background who find themselves in complex situations of emergency, conflict or crisis. Our services are open to all girls and women, regardless of nationality, origin, religion or age, who are facing situations of personal conflict or crisis. What distinguishes RAHMA e.V. is that it is mainly run by Muslims, of a variety of different origins and nationalities, and that the organisation is headed by an exclusively female Muslim board of directors. The majority of our volunteers who support girls and women finding themselves in situations of crisis are young women with a wide range of different language skills. Women using our services can be advised in an unbiased, religiously and culturally sensitive manner, taking into account their specific needs and wishes. Our services are provided by qualified professionals with a background in

  • social work,
  • psychology,
  • law and
  • Islamic theology.

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